Right age for meditation

Meditation is self introspection and knowing oneself.

What does it take to do meditation and what is the right age for it? Children are meditative. They live in the moment and focus on one thing at a time. They also tend to focus on something which they like. Their play, their walk and whatever they don is highly meditative in nature.

Groom the next generation

As parents we may not be always correct. Rather we are seldom correct when we take decisions for our children. We tend to impose our dreams and biases on our next generation. This happens mostly out of our own fear.

Learnings from running

Set goals which mind accepts are achievable. Run one step at a time. Once you are reaching the goal, just set another achievable goal. Keep repeating this. You will be amazed to observe how far have you reached in the journey.

Sports teaches us so much about practical life. I realised this late in my life. The learnings that I received I wish I had received before.

Setting aspirations and goals

Making mind a part of your team

One step at a time

Be kind to yourself

Warm up

Warm down